From peerless to peer

Did he come like a storm or a whiff of fresh air? Difficult to say, but the fact is that he first appreciated the subject, then learnt it, then mastered it and by the time it was time for him to go to shoulder higher responsibilities, he had become like no one before him had been, including me, who apart from his boss was also his immediate predecessor.

If my tenure was good, his exceeded all superlatives. He brought about changes that were unthought of. He brought in technology and automation to an extent that we all thought would have been impossible! He was a tough task master – expecting nothing short of the best from his team. But he would also fight for their benefits and well being viz. promotions, increments, bonuses etc. Though initially thought to be a tough and difficult boss by his team, towards the end he won their awe, respect and admiration. Actually, there were stalwarts before him and there will be stalwarts after him , but he is acquired a cult status, almost becoming peerless.

Incidentally, from being a reportee, he now becomes my peer as we are going to be reporting to the same boss. As a wry humour, I would like to say that he has, in fact, become a loser – transiting from being a peerless to be a peer!

All the best Rahul! As you scale new heights of success, don’t forget an old man cheering for you from the sidelines!

2 thoughts on “From peerless to peer

  1. Respected Sir…Very Nicely Said about Rahul Sir. What a Boss and Peer Like You and what a Peer I like You have..Interesting and exciting. We wish both Good luck on Their Paths. Likewise Mahabharata All were Maharathi in their own descriptions we also see Very Greatness in both of Yourself. We are fortunate being in this lineage!.


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