An ode to Corona

As I have been maintaining that current lockdown and consignment to indoors is leaving me with no thought other than Corona. Number of Corona positive is going up and so are death numbers. The incessant lockdown is leading to several other problems such as labour migration, food shortage, job losses and psychological issues. Vaccination seems months, if not years, away and treatment for ailment is like wild stab, if it works, it works! Under such circumstances, there seems to be no hope of this pandemic to go any time soon.

The heart and mind are all focused and tainted by Corona. In all such conditions, the thing that obsesses one is deliverance from Corona and my few lines that read:

One thing that I now remember by heart is,

During the lockdown, stay in quarantine;

Dangerous Corona virus has no cure,

Save and except our own hydroxy chloroquine.

It’s killing people all over the world,

UK, USA, Italy and Spain are worst affected;

India is far too crowded for social distancing,

So despite our good intentions, we are getting impacted.

Coronavirus was known to be resistant,

But we thought it’d not survive Indian summer;

Temperatures are now high crossing 40 degrees,

But the virus seems to be only getting stronger!

Social Distancing and lockdown are not easy,

They are creating problems of their own;

People are losing job, income and food,

And is like something our lives have not known!

Our resolve and discipline can only save us,

From this devil of a virus called Corona;

Wear mask, wash hands and keep distance,

And it will be life as usual minus Corona!!!

Be it Doctors (treatment) or scientists (vaccination) or lord almighty (miracle), I bow to all of them for they give us hope!

12 thoughts on “An ode to Corona

      1. Piyush I read your blog and also saw some comments. You write from your heart and have the ability to convey your point. Though I am not a teacher or a great exponent of English language, I have 2 little suggestions:
        (1) Try using punctuation a bit more;
        (2) Avoid being repetitive.

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