Lockdown is not for the first time

More than 150 years after the above poem was written, we immediately connect to its contents. Earth needed to heal even then when there was no industrialisation, no automobiles, no greenhouse effect, large green cover and no global warming whatsoever. The challenges of lockdown inside were similar, if not more severe, because while the one could read, exercise, meditate but social media, DTH, cable TV, video calling were not known or at least a century away! Imagine the intensity of our condition under the current lockdown if were to be deprived of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon, You Tube, Swiggy, Zomato, Star Bazar !

Even at the cost of sounding Panglossian, I must say we are so lucky to be locked down in today’s times than in 1869! Let’s cooperate and comply fully with lockdown and social distancing and send Corona virus away !

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