Corona and learning

When we talk about Corona, we discuss it’s widespread impact, deaths, lockdown, hand hygiene and once in a lifetime happening! While many of us feel that life will not be same post Corona, we are still not sure how will it shape up? Knowing human tendency and memory, which is very short lived, I fear that after a few days, it will be back to the square one! Therefore, I thought let me put my thoughts that I am currently going through in poetry on what I will do and what I won’t, should I be one of those lucky few to survive this Corona pandemic in tact, because while the extreme outcome is death, job losses, business failures, economic breakdown, social tensions could also impact and be hard to overcome for several of us!

My poem reads:

Oh Corona!

Who knows as to how

And when this COVID will subside?

But I have a plan to live my life

Differently if at all I survive.

I will –

Wake up and thank God

Respected my body and go whole hog;

Enjoy that morning cup of tea

Without rushing unnecessarily ;

Work in office like there’s no tomorrow

Without postponing things on the morrow;

Return home to be with family

And cherish every little bonhomie ;

Read, read and read a lot

To expand my horizon from a dot;

Call up my old mother every day

Instead of pretending I am busy as a bee;

Love and check welfare of my neighbours

Which hitherto appeared to be quite a labour ;

Love small small things that I took for granted

And have a tree at least once in a while planted!

And I will not-

Waste water or food

Deprive anyone of his livelihood ;

Indulge in excesses and abuse my body

Hurt the sentiments or feelings of anybody;

Open my heart and vault to the needy and poor

Never disappoint anyone coming to my door;

Still go to place of worship and follow my faith

But respect the medical fraternity for we need more of their trait;

Cherish every moment as the best and go and have a dive

Instead of living in misery waiting for that moment to arrive;

Because I have now understood and it’s amply clear

Life is fragile and uncertain till next round of Corona hits us drear!

The End

Let’s observe lockdown and social distancing for some more time and hand and personal hygiene forever and hope that this menace goes away without causing further misery to the mankind.

10 thoughts on “Corona and learning

  1. Very saintly thoughts. This what everybody should do. Let us hope and pray we act like this always why only during Corona days.


  2. For those of us who are well enough off, the lock-down is simply an irritant and a temporary inconvenience…For the rest of the country and the world it is far more dangerous and serious than that.
    I am seriously concerned with the fallout of this pandemic …the breakdown in business systems, the loss of millions of jobs, the recession in the banking system and the impact of the drastic interest cuts on the elderly who depend solely on the interest income for their survival ( including their medical expenses) ..The discontent arising out of the unemployment, the inflation or recession or whatever and the resulting rebellion among the populace….the list is endless and I shudder to think of it..
    This is presuming that half the world is not wiped out in the next six months…


  3. Apologies for dealyed read! Only pious soul can compose this way.

    Let’s all hang on there! The situation will change for sure. Praying Lord for bestowing the strength upon homo sapiens to brave this difficult times!


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