1st April, New Financial year 2020-21 and COVID19

1st April apart from being a fools’ day also heralds the start of new financial year. May be it’s a sheer coincidence that economists, who are known more for fooling the common folks with jargons and statistics, chose the fool’s day to be the start of the financial year!

On a serious note, this financial year has definitely started on a very sombre note with industries completely shut, stock markets bleeding at all time low and spirits sagging like never seen before. On top of it, in spite of sincere efforts by the Government to prevent spread of Corona virus by declaring a 3 weeks lockdown, the situation seems to be deteriorating. It’s partly attributable to circumstances- daily earners fleeing en masse major cities like Mumbai and Delhi to their hometowns to avoid death due to starvation; partly due to foolishness – ramblers just roaming around for the heck of it ignoring lockdown and above all sheer defiance – yesterday’s religious congregation in Delhi that’s suddenly led to eruption and spread of pandemic all over the country. This is really sad that people are making mockery of a very very serious ground reality staring at our faces.

As someone observed, given the choice he’d like to delete the calendar year 2020 from the annals of the history. And someone else remarked, he wished that the year 2020 could be rewinded to 1st January to start it afresh. However, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride! We can also wish that entire Corona was a April Fool joke. But, we all know that time once gone by never comes back. However, we can wish and pray that financial year in front of us retrieves some of the lost ground so that calendar year 2020 is not totally washed out to go down as the worst ever year in the recallable history of the civilised world!

Go Corona go

India has no place for you

We are simple god fearing people

Such a severe punishment will not do

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