Corona Virus- new vocabulary

These terms were unheard of or were at least not oft heard hitherto:

(1) Janta curfew- In our lifetimes, we have at least heard if not experienced first hand, curfews that are marked by deserted streets and intense patrolling. But Janta curfew, meaning curfew imposed by public on themselves voluntarily has not been heard or seen before. It’s about self restraint and self discipline.

(2) Lockdown – We must have heard and seen lockouts, but lockdown? It’s an eerie feeling and scene, observing a lively city like Mumbai completely shutdown and coming to a standstill!

(3) Social distancing – Man is a social animal and he likes to socialise! What’s social distancing? Neither heard of nor experienced heretofore and is an absolutely novel thing for everyone! Socially connected, yet distanced!

(4) Quarantine- Not that this term didn’t exist or wasn’t heard before, but it was more in the context of hospitalisation and sickness! To quarantine absolutely healthy individuals just because of their travel history is an absolute novelty!

(5) Corona – I always thought that this was a new virus strain, unheard of or unseen before; ironically, there was a post doing round in social media carrying an extract of an NCERT text book. Published several years ago, it has a mention of Corona virus, it’s symptoms and possible cure! Quite eerie so to say!

These terms apart, the total shutdown of bus, rail and air services is absolutely unseen hitherto before. There is already new slangs finding way into our day to day conversation. As someone wrote that Prince Charles has ultimately got “coronated”! Wry humour, but captures the sombre mood of the present times!

Let’s see by the time this malaise bids us adieu what new suffering and learning will wreak it on the mankind?

2 thoughts on “Corona Virus- new vocabulary

  1. When I saw Train to Busan movie (south Korean) 8 months before..I heard quarantine and lockdown words..and thought of how to escape of such situation ..unfortunately similarly lockdown happens now.

    Sir You are absolutely right it is now real new vocabulary and not a filmy one.

    Pray that all Indians be Safe !!


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