Cheering our heroes!

There are few moments in life that leave a deep imprint on one’s mind. The response to Prime Minister Modi’s exhortation to observe a Janta curfew and to come out in balconies to cheer the unsung heroes – doctors, nurses, delivery boys, security guards, bankers et al – who in these times of highly contagious Corona virus are serving the community by risking their lives, was overwhelming to say the least.

We have experienced bandhs and boycotts in our lifetimes. Also, curfews aftermath a riot or an act of terrorism are not uncommon. Many of us have also had the first hand experience of blackouts during the wartime (I have very faint memories of 1965 war, though 1971 wartime I remember distinctly). But this response to PM Modi’s call was most unusual and unique in more than one sense. The entire country chose to observe the self imposed curfew throughout the day and as the clock struck 5 in the evening, it’s as if the entire sea of humanity came out clapping, banging thalis and blowing conch shells to celebrate our unsung heroes. This was hitherto unseen and reaffirmed that whatever be our internal differences , when it comes to a call from the nation, we set aside all our differences to be one – the Indian!

While only the almighty knows how this Coronavirus episode will end, the nation by responding to this call of our PM, demonstrated that the nation is aware of the dangers and consequences, but the nation will fight together and win this war against this enemy of humanity- COVID 19!

Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs and catholics are the way we live each day,

When it’s a call of duty for our beloved India we keep all this at bay;

Together shall we fight any enemy be it as dangerous as Corona virus,

And at the end “Jai Hind” will prevail as India will surely have its own way!

3 thoughts on “Cheering our heroes!

  1. Sir
    Thanks for being generous on including our own tribe of bankers in Thanksgiving. Without caring for any political or religious affiliation, our countrymen have demonstrated that in difficult times WeAreIndian.
    Always there for “Sarbat da bhala” for the wellbeing of all.


  2. It was indeed amazing to see this unity. We all need to unite by our thoughts and emotions and get divided by social distancing! May the Almoghty be with us all! May all get strength to brave this catastrophe!


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