These are difficult times, in fact, hitherto unseen in our lifetime. A city that never sleeps, Mumbai, is completely locked down like the rest of the country. And to say that people are damn scared would be an understatement. People are terrified for they are not sure what it is all about and how is it going to end? What will be it’s toll and whether it’s consequences will only scratch the surface or the damage be lasting? Leave apart the economy, the dollar or salary cuts- our very existence seems to be in some sort of jeopardy!

As someone said, when this year began about 3 months ago, there were the usual resolutions – I will exercise daily, won’t eat junk food, finish at least 1 book every month, make a point to call up my aged parents once a week at least etc. All these resolutions seem so meaningless today when the main concern is, “Will I survive Corona scare?”

Outside, it all looks so clear and serene; in fact, Sky is bluer and so is sea, roads and streets are quite and air healthy to breathe? Yet there is that eeriness, clearly highlighting that all this serenity and calmness are unnatural, with something inauspicious in the offing!

Hopefully, Indians will demonstrate to the world their fighting spirit and resolve in defeating the menace of Corona virus. Also, we will all be wiser that notwithstanding tremendous technological and medical advancement, the life has become more fragile and uncertain and all this learning will lead us to live a happier, healthier and more meaningful lives.

This is totally new and not seen before,

It’s something we all want to throw out of door;

Corona virus, please let us live our lives peacefully,

We didn’t invite you ever, why you gate crashed to make us sore?

It’s in our hands to observe safety and defeat Coronavirus. Let’s join hands – not physically as physically we should maintain distance, but in spirit to demonstrate that in adversity we Indians are one! Jai Hind.

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