Easter bunnies and eggs

Today is Easter, one of the holiest days in Christianity. It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his burial and crucifixion on Good Friday.

The springtime festival marks the end of 40 days period of lent and spring heralds the end of gloomy and harsh winters. The resurrection of Jesus brings hope and joy, the two most sought after elements in the current Corona pandemic that has gripped the entire world. There will be no masses and no egg hunts, because all places of worship are closed and congregations are banned due to currently prevalent Corona contagion.

However, I just came across a beautiful poem that once again stresses on the strength of faith in these difficult times and concludes that while festivities associated with holy days are important and have historic significance, God almighty is present there in our hearts and no one needs to risk his or her life by seeking his presence in a place of worship, if the requirement is to stay inside in this lockdown . Two lines from this poem that capture the essence of the current Corona pandemic beautifully are:

The churches are empty – but so is the tomb,

And Jesus is victor over death, doom, and gloom.

Jesus lives in our hearts and while the advent of Easter gives us hope for a bright future bereft of this pandemic, his abode in our hearts ensure that we stay home safe and celebrate Easter with all the goodies and family members.

Hope with the springtime, winter will transit into summer and severe heat will kill Coronavirus to make this beautiful planet liveable again, allowing the mankind to celebrate life and all the festivals!

2 thoughts on “Easter bunnies and eggs

  1. Beautifully composed Arvind.
    I remember the goodies we got to eat in my missionary school on these special occasions, There was also the priest from the local parish who dropped in on many Sunday afternoons to tell us stories from the Old and the New Testaments with the help of a slide projector set up for the purpose in the chapel.

    Five years ago, I happened to be in Spain during Good Friday and Easter . The many colourful Easter processions we saw in Seville ( pronounced Sevia) and Granada were feasts for the eyes and my camera..

    This year alas, all rational churches including the orthodox churches in Russia have shut down in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic…

    Looking forward to better years ahead.


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