Not too bad afterall!

The above wellness calendar circulated by TCS to its employees has gone viral on social media with I myself having received it from more than 10 contacts and having forwarded it to another 10! But it’s a good initiative by one of the leading IT companies that comes from the stable of venerable TATA group.

The problem is that the one leading a very staid and unhealthy life that’s me, gets scared on receiving such communications fearing the worst. However, instead of ignoring or deleting this communication, this time I gathered heart and chose to score myself. To my dismay, I found out that I was not even half as bad as I assessed myself. In fact, I was compliant on almost 90% of the parameters. I have been having warm water with lime every morning since time immemorial that has helped me overcome constipation altogether. 30 minutes exercise every morning is mandatory for me thanks to my knees issue. I drink sufficient water, don’t eat once full, try to have an early dinner, have breakfast and avoid elevators and take stairs as far as possible. But then I am no God, but a mere human when it comes to complying with the following:

(1) to drink one cup of tea/copy in a day – I breach it by 300% if not more!

(2) to have one new vegetable each day – can’t think of anything beyond bhindi and gobi !

(3) Can’t avoid white sugar, desserts and biscuits altogether!

Shall try to be more compliant but I am happy with my score card! How about you?😀

7 thoughts on “Not too bad afterall!

  1. Except for the warm water with honey and lime that I’ve been having these last fifteen years, I’ll probably fail on every count. I love sweets , of which I consume some after every major meal…. etc..
    Being a Bengali, vegetables are a daily staple diet. I avoid fish unless seriously compelled.. In short I’ll probably not clear this test.


  2. Very useful Respected Sir. My score is 18 but I donot think i can improve till next six months. Cellphone usage at night is inevitable as of now…However this article is novel from Your Goodself.


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