Oh my god!

Which name comes to your mind if asked about the top or number one intelligence agency in the world? Most probably CIA or KGB, two rivals from the Cold War days! More informed and adventurous may opt for Israeli Mossad, hugely respected for its cover operations. Memories of the most popular cover agent ever to adorn silver screen viz James Bond could ring a bell for MI 6. Patriotic amongst us would tend to rate our own RAW very high! But hold your horses before guessing the name of top intelligence agency that’s most feared too! It’s none other than Pakistan’s ISI. This came as a shocker of an information to me, when I received this video being circulated on WhatsApp and I am sure that even you would be in an as severe state of shock as I have been since the time of having come across this piece of information. The video goes on to inform that ISI has the largest number of field agents or operatives, as they are called, with the unique distinction (or should be call notoriety) of none ever having been caught alive!

Another bit of information that’s absolutely stunning is that it came into existence in 1948 that’s immediately upon formation of the state of Pakistan. In contrast, RAW was formed much later in late 1960s. While the state of India focused on development, poverty amelioration, infrastructure, health etc, Pakistan objective was since the very beginning to cause tumult and turmoil through covert operations!

I have always propagated the preaching of bible – “Love thy neighbour” – and tried to promote bonhomie and trust between the people of our two nations. But given that country’s track record, I have also maintained that we live in a very disturbed neighbourhood surrounded by a very aggressive and dangerous neighbour. The above video bolsters this belief of mine. I hope that nations of this world take cognisance of this fact and join hands to neutralise the evil design and acts of ISI or be prepared for more acts such as 9/11 and Abbottabad!

2 thoughts on “Oh my god!

  1. This is a big shocker to me as well…. Rightly and beautifully penned down…. Keep pouring your scintillating stuff… We admire and love it.


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