Marvilla is marvellous indeed

Let me first put a caveat and clarify that this is not a paid or a sponsored blog. I know Marvilla because I have experienced their hospitality and sensitive care first hand.

Like everyone else, I love Kashmir and Kashmir in winters is like a bride dressed in a white gown of ice, looking extremely charming and beautiful. Therefore, when they announced 4 nights 5 days tour de Kashmir imaginatively named “Jannat -E-Kashmir”, I and my wife yearned to be part of it. Unfortunately, certain family exigencies barred us from being part of the tour.

Tour comprising a happy group of 13 guests left Delhi as scheduled to savour what was going to be an unforgettable experience, which is always the case when you visit Kashmir with Marvilla, the Kashmir experts. The usual suspects Gulmarg and Pahalgam covered in the thick blanket of snow were nothing less than heavenly. Srinagar itself experienced unprecedented cold and snowfall. The guests ensconced inside the comfortable environment of Marvilla guest house savoured this unusually cold conditions over lip smacking, piping hot delicacies served with love and affection. It was all going as per the script and more till the weather decided to play the spoilsport. On the day of departure, unprecedented snowfall led to the cancellation of all the flights, a phenomenon that was to continue over the next 3 days. While an extra day of holiday and hospitality is always welcomed, getting stranded for days over uncertainty, especially for working professionals, can be nerve wrecking. On the fourth day of this continuous confinement a bunch of more adventurous group members left Srinagar on a road journey of around 900 kilometers on snow covered path. Rest were lucky to get flights to Chandigarh and Amritsar the next day and as this blog is being written, they are going back to their respective homes covering the rest of the journey by road.

A close knit group that developed a very affectionate camaraderie did face internal strife due to some members expressing displeasure at the arrangements due to prolonged confinement. This was neither expected nor required as the situation was like a force majeure or Deo volente that was beyond Marvilla’s control.

Hats off to Marvilla for pulling off such a difficult situation with so much aplomb! I am sure that the group has completely overcome that minor misunderstanding and will again join hands with ever reliable Marvilla for more such memorable experiences.

Long live Kashmir, which will always be more special when seen through the eyes of Marvilla.

2 thoughts on “Marvilla is marvellous indeed

  1. Wonderful story. I’ve never been to anywhere near Kashmir and my only impressions of the place are gleaned from old Hindi movies starred by Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand, Rajendra Kumar, Rishi Kapoor etc. I always liked what I saw but Kashmir was always simply too far away and too ridden with law and order issues… which factors deterred me. And continues to deter me. Now at my age I can’t even think of marrying a Kashmiri girl. 😊. So… In my next incarnation may be. If there is one, that is.. 😊


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