Except Muslims!

We have lived together for centuries till Britishers adopted the policy of “Divide and Rule” and we had a secular India and a Muslim Pakistan. Religion based division proved to be a myth when a Muslim Bangladesh decided to separate from a Muslim Pakistan, while the secular India remained rock solid and made great strides in all walks of life.

There are heart rending stories of partitions, especially in the parts that got divided – Punjab and Bengal. On one hand there are horror stories of communities butchering each other, there are equally compassionate stories of one community helping members of other community and saving lives! Just read a great true life story of how a Hindu family stuck up in a predominantly Muslim area in a riot torn Calcutta was rescued by a Muslim cart puller by risking his life.

All the Indians must take a pledge that there would never be another division of our motherland and that we shall never allow a civil war on our land. Division can be on account of lots of reason – religion, caste, creed, ethnicity and yet it does not guarantee happiness, progress and prosperity. Unity has only one reason – peace but it guarantees lasting peace, happiness and prosperity. Let’s not fall into any trap but remain one- indivisible and inseparable! We should have an India that’s not except Muslims but is plus Muslims and everyone else!

Jai Hind!

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