Don’t worry – be happy

Disruption is the way of modern life and sometimes you are the cause of disruption and at others victim thereof! For example, Vodaphone-Idea combined caused disruption by merging and creating almost monopolistic position, but with Jio causing disruption through aggressive pricing, the size of behemoth impacted Voda Idea’s agility to react promptly making combined entity a victim!

A similar disruption has been caused by Ministry of road transaport and highways by making FASTags compulsory for all vehicles to avoid congestion at toll plazas. With the deadline approaching at a furious pace, the consumers panicked and the banks and fin techs offering these tags have got flooded with the requests for issuance of tags. The volumes have almost created a force majeure kind of situation with systems breakdown, shortage of inventory, technical issues and all possible perceivable and unforeseen problems! Plus the users are facing issue with recharge, invalid debit to their wallets, tags not working etc. One is at his wits end whether to focus on issuance or attend to customer queries and grievances.

The above activity is being handled by my colleague and his team and the developments of the past few weeks have ptotally disoriented them. For several weeks now, each Saturday and Sunday are working days for them and their night ends only in the wee hours of the morning. However, this friend of mine is bestowed with certain great qualities – he is ever optimistic, positive, hard working and above all happy! These qualities have helped him and his team see another day with a fervent hope that the worst is soon going to be over! He’s taking all the flak but is yet working with single minded devotion to bring the mess under full control and his team is supporting him to the hilt.

There’s a great learning here. The only way to tame a bull is to have him by his horns and that’s what this friend is doing. In the process, he is getting goaded and hurt, but not giving up till the dark clouds pave way for dawn! His happy demeanour is working like a grease removing all the friction – in relationships, temperaments and overall scenario! No wonder his very name is translatable in English as “Being Happy”!

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