Bye bye winters, welcome Sun

As the sun enters northern solstice, its time to bid adieu to winters. Suddenly days start becoming longer and warmer and farmers want to harvest their crops and thank Sun God for spreading warmth. And while Lohri is celebrated on the last day of Hindu month of Magh, entry of Sun into Capricorn heralds Makar Sankranti all over and more specifically Bihu and Pongal in Assam and Tamil Nadu respectively.

Lohri also has significance around the folklore of Dulha Bhatti, a daredevil warrior who saved the girls from being sold off to Middle East. His paean is sung by children called “Sundar Mundriye ho” asking for some tips to buy sweets on this festive occasion.

Whatever be the reason or style of celebration, it’s an important festival as it’s synonymous with optimism linked to warmth and sunshine after months of cold and murkiness.

May Sun shine in the lives of all of you bringing warmth, prosperity and happiness!

4 thoughts on “Bye bye winters, welcome Sun

  1. Awesome Sir. Happy Lohri to you and family members. It’s a festival of love, warmth of sunshine, sweetness of relationship and moreover almost every community is involved in celebrations with different names.


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