Monday Blues

Most of my life I have worked for 5 and a half days per week, Saturday being half working day. However, more often than not Saturday used to prove busiest for we ended up clearing most of the backlog and sundry work on Saturdays. Therefore, when my office decided on 5 working days a week, it brought unprecedented joy. Two days off on a trot appeared nothing short of heavenly. The management also thought that the staff would come totally refreshed and rejuvenated on Mondays after two days of rest and recreation. However, the novelty soon wore off and two days off every week became assimilated in the system and got taken for granted. On the contrary, if an emergency arose entailing working on Saturdays, it would be the most sinister thing! As a limerick goes:

Another blah Monday ahead.

I wish I could just stay in bed.

But life is not fair,

as you’re all well aware,

So I’m off to the workplace instead.

Now people are talking about four days week and work from home. As aforesaid, even 5 days week came much later towards the rear end of my professional career and I don’t think I’d live professionally to savour its further refined version – 4 days week and work from home – because I am soon getting consigned to a routine of 0 day week! But I think a feeling of last 55 years or so ( from 5 – start of school to 60 – superannuation from service) will not die any time too soon and after retirement also, I will sleep restlessly on Sunday night to get up with a groggy feeling on Monday morning, the difference being I can go back to sleep again, for Monday , and for that matter each of the 6 days of the week, would be new Sunday.

To wind up, let me say:

When the dark clouds disperse

Blue sky brings cheer;

And all the tiredness goes into air

As blue sea draws you near.

And most of the wardrobe is blue;

For all other colours suck

But blue is sober and everyone’s dear.

However one blue doesn’t bring joy but grief

When Monday comes after the weekend ever so brief!

My only wish is that for all my readers Monday Blues just remain a feeling and not a reality for all these years in spite of Monday blues, I have largely enjoyed going to office! Happy Monday to all of you!

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