Larger Purpose

One of the main themes at all the self improvement programmes I have attended has been to have a larger purpose for all that you do or are doing. And this larger purpose has to be beyond power, prestige, money and material gains.

When asked what are the objectives one is trying to achieve by working, the common responses by the participants are – to make our organisation number one, to maximise shareholders’ value, to reach the top level of executive position, to work for the betterment of the organisation along with my own betterment etc. However, responses are seldom seen to be hinting at larger purposes such as betterment of society, contribution to the country and the world etc.

This is all the more pertinent to today’s political scenario, where all the actions that seem to be woven around larger more noble purposes are in fact a facade for a hidden agenda! This is highly painful and dangerous, if indeed true.

The first act of Modi 2.0, weeks into its second stint was abrogation of Articles 370 and 35 (a). It was a long pending task awaiting who would bell the cat? But was the objective only to assimilate Kashmir seamlessly into India for betterment of Kashmiris or to expose the historical blunders of our forefathers? Was it to best protect the interests of India and Kashmir or to score one up man ship on Congress and Kashmiris?

Next came CAB since converted into CAA. Seemed noble to provide an opportunity to persons affected by partition to seek Indian citizenship, but for some reason it excluded Muslims. Now it seems that hidden agenda could also be to change the ethnic mix in Bengal, Assam and Tripura for vote bank politics.

The quality of politics seems to have rotten to such low standards that even surgical strikes, bombing of terror camps and so much so the rape cases are being given a hue of political objectives and in the process nobody from Gandhi to Nehru to Savarkar is being spared.

BJP has hidden agenda and without any agenda Congress sees Hindutva in every BJP act. Didi only worries about her vote bank and fence sitters like AAP and Shiv Sena are clueless.

A fiercely loyal congressman in one of the groups I am a member of has opined that the day is not far when BJP goons will raze Taj Mahal ( like Babri Masjid? and what about congress goons damaging public property and an academically zero Rahul talking big about the likes of Savarkar) and India will become like Pakistan or more agonisingly like Syria!

I am sure his prophecy will turn out to be big myth and that Indians will ensure that this ethos does not die at the hands of these political comedians.

We the sane Indians should see through the hidden acts of all these politicians and must understand one undeniable fact – this country has always been secular and all the religions have prospered here. Any attempt to even dream about ethic cleansing can be a ticking time bomb because our ethnicity is Indianness and not Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi and Christian.

4 thoughts on “Larger Purpose

  1. The question is where are these sane people? Are they powerful enough to bring the change . It feels so bad and disgusting that even after 72 years of independence we have such narrow focus!


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