Indians understand everything

Just read that Vishal Dadlani, who owes allegiance to AAP, made a statement that these rape cases and onion prices are diversionary tactics to wean the attention of public at large away from Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB). I have huge respect for Vishal for his understanding of music and for guts to speak his mind. But the above comment was not required as it undermined the intelligence of Indian public. Moreover, a ghastly crime like rape is worthy of universal condemnation and nothing else. I hope like much of fake news on social media, this comment attributed to Vishal proves to be untrue though this very talented musician does suffer from occasional “foot in mouth” syndrome of making a loose comment and then eating his words- like the classic comment he made on Jain Munis and their nirvastra existence!

I haven’t read CAB and would not like to judge it based on half baked understanding. However, whatever little I could understand, CAB provides an opportunity to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians etc affected by partition to seek Indian citizenship. The logic for non inclusion of Muslims in this list is that partition of India happened on religion basis ! However, Muslims are as much affected by partition as any other community and several might have got stranded in Pakistan and Bangladesh per force! The government ruling the country must always observe Raj Dharma, riding above the narrow considerations of cast, creed, community, sex and religion. It must work for welfare of all religions. But as aforesaid, a full blog on CAB will happen after full understanding of its provisions and rationale.

However, enmity between the ruling party and opposition runs so deep that I seldom notice any point of convergence between the two. Hasn’t this Government done anything good? Were all previous Congress governments only dummies!

Parties and politicians should better watch out as ordinary citizen seems to have risen above the muck and they may be seriously misreading the public by underestimating their intelligence and understanding!

2 thoughts on “Indians understand everything

  1. Absolutely, can’t mix such brutal act with such political mileage, the basic remains – punish such inhuman beings minimum stoned to death in public.


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