Silver Work Anniversary

A dear friend,who is also my boss, sprang a surprise in the morning. He came to me, shook heads warmly and then gave a hug catching me unaware. Seeing this rather bewildered expression on my face, he wished me happy silver jubilee in the organisation.

Joining dates and work anniversaries are important events and one seldom forgets them. I clearly remember my first job date , my second joining and the current job, being the last time I changed my job. And I remembered this date till very recently, more so this being my silver jubilee. However, caught in certain other engagements, when the D day arrived, I forgot it completely.

These occasions are matter of great satisfaction and rejoicing for these are milestones. Milestones assume an added significance when destination is undefined and only journey matters, which is an apt description of my job and my organisation, where there is no limit to which you can excel or say I have done enough and nothing else is left to be done! As our CEO explains while putting forth his expectation – ” I will see the glass as half empty, replace it with a bigger glass when it is filled up to the brim and when even bigger glass is full, keep a pitcher there for all of you to fill.”! In this case, half glass empty is not pessimism as the saying goes but an overwhelming optimism to always look ahead and not to get complacent!

What’s next? More milestones to be crossed with renewed vigour and enthusiasm, maintaining child like inquisitiveness to learn more and new things and dissemination of whatever little I have learnt over all these years to willing learners!

As the poem goes:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

Thanks to all my bosses, colleagues, team members, friends, well wishers and family, who have accompanied me on this continuing journey and whose support will take me to miles before I sleep!

24 thoughts on “Silver Work Anniversary

  1. My friend Arvind Arya deserves all the accolades and appreciation for achieving unblemished service record of 25 years at Axis Bank . Very humble down to earth personality in this era which is very rare , particularly in this race where ego and arrogancy rules the roost . Always a people’s person , very good communicator , Supportive at the helm , workaholic to the core , has a precion in drawing line between personal and professional life ….Huge and Massive Respect for this gentleman beyond comparison…. Take a Bow.


  2. Besides all the superlatives ascribed to persona often revered by us as Arya sir, he is man of golden heart.
    Despite journey being rough and trying sir has created a place for himself. Success is measured in how you were successful in enriching lives of others. You embodies well this trait.
    Thanks for being with us.


  3. Respected Sir..It is inspiring Journey that we can be tireless if we are having zeal to do Karma. I see it as -Your Goodself for 25 years through unceasing , relentlessly putting in soul to move in tandem with Organization goals. It is not only an example that Human beings are loyal , better than machines and prove that Good Organization is made of those leaders who demonstrate and endorse all time even staying long with objectives of new Generation, efficient and smart company in cut throat competitive world. Many more complements Sir!


  4. Many congratulations on your work anniversary. These are becoming rarer and rarer in this VUCA world (meaning volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) and no one is quite sure that they would have the same job this time next year. But that is the pessimistic view. The optimistic view is not to debate about whether the glass is half empty or half full. It is to fill the rest of the glass with single malt whisky and say Cheers..
    So here’s wishing you many MPF (marvellous, prosperous and fruitful ) years ahead. Cheers again!


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