Let’s protect our mothers, sisters and daughters!

The blog is titled this way instead of using a common gender oriented word such as women or females to highlight that no female in this country is safe from the evil intents of characterless sex maniacs. A few months ago, there was a case where a grandmother was raped, while today on the heels of dastardly Hyderabad act, I came across a news item regarding rape of 2 years old girl by a monster!

And our lawmakers are clueless about tackling this menace! There are stray noises in Parliament and lots of advisory around dos and don’ts for our girls such as – don’t venture out alone late at night, don’t wear provocative clothes, don’t drink alcohol, do jot down number of taxi or auto you are hiring, keep your parents informed about your movements etc.

Every time a Nirbhaya happens, everyone wakes up just to go back into slumber once again. Every time a girl dresses up in a chic manner, agrees to share a drink or two, is alone in a place, expresses her views openly etc, she is actually giving a license for her exploitation! To such low levels has stooped our thinking !

I call upon – not police – but all other vigilantes – cow protectors,green brigade, RSS, Nihang Sikhs, Muslim bodies, Christian missionaries – to rise above narrow consideration of caste, community and religion and join hands to protect our mothers, sisters and daughters! Unless we learn to respect a lady who is not our one of the above viz. Mother, sister or daughter, continue to treat woman as an object of desire and treat them as a weaker sex to be dominated and exploited, all our life’s missions will be failures and we shall not be able to justify our existence on this virtue of myopic missions of protecting cows, trees, religion, caste and community!

Only a strong community joining hands can weed out this malaise – law, police, governance etc will always be only partly effective .

7 thoughts on “Let’s protect our mothers, sisters and daughters!

  1. Its so true Arya… sometimes fŕeel sick & tired of our judicial systems and other administrative offices who do not seem to know how to protect their own mother, sister or even a daughter… pity them all…


  2. Absolutely Sir. One thing which at least each family can do is to educate their son right from tender age on these issues and teach them to respect the female fraternity. And other a strict to very strict punishment to these offenders can also set a right example. Saudi Arabia has set such examples in past and that can also be one of the ways.


  3. Yes Sir. It’s high time we uproot this menace. All this starts from our teachings to children. Haven’t heard of many such organisations which have the cause of woman protection/emancipation. How about coming all of us together to doing a bit?!


  4. Change in attitude will happen with growing awareness.

    And when parents begin to:
    1. Raise their sons to respect women, starting with those in their own family, by (a) fathers modelling the right behaviour and (b) mothers being assertive; and
    2. Raise their daughters to be independent, self confident and self assured, by (a) mothers modelling the desired behaviour and (b) fathers encouraging them just as they would their sons.


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