Aghadi or Pichhadi?

Immediately on assuming office, the new Aghadi government headed by Uddhav Thackeray has taken two important decisions:

(1) it has ordered stoppage of work at Aaray metro car shed; and

(2) it has decided to review the bullet train project.

As I had stated in one of my earlier blogs, ideologies were my least of my concerns , the main concern being the need for a stable progressive government agreeing to work for the benefit of Mumbai and Maharashtra based on common minimum programme! Unfortunately, the new government seems to have chosen the path of disrupting the existing developmental work instead of carrying the progressive agenda of the previous government further!

I lamented the setback to Devendra Fadnavis, for he did so much for the state and Mumbai. However, I was fairly optimistic, for Devendra got replaced by another son of the soil, who in some respects knew at least Mumbai and it’s problems more. I hoped he would provide impetus to the ongoing metro network construction, revive coastal road project, work on pothole ridden roads and encroached pavements of Mumbai, announce major relief for the first draught affected and then untimely rains affected farmers of Maharashtra, tighten the worsening law and order, especially relating to road traffic and ensure restoration of Mumbai’s pride in the nation’s aviation scene, but all that he ends up doing is reviewing two projects as aforesaid!

Uddhav has his glorious father’s legacy, good wishes of veteran Sharad Pawar, support of two ex CMs Prithviraj and Ashok and general goodwill of the people of Maharashtra being a Thackeray scion to pursue Maharashtra and Mumbai’s progress and development. Choice is his! In no time, all his above strengths can become a noose around his neck suffocating him to frustration! Also, he has stepped into the very large shoes vacated by Fadnavis! People of the state and city are prepared to suffer if the glorious future promised by Devendra is reiterated by Uddhav!

Being an eternal optimist, I have full faith that Aghadi government led by Uddhav will have a glorious stint and that stuttered start is just a blip!

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