Delhi’s smog

What’s happening to Delhi? It shreds your heart when you read that your birthplace is the most polluted city in the world, 16 times more polluted than the next worst, Lahore. And come November, this disaster of Smog engulfing the city starts each year and continues to hold the city in its vice like grip till February.

Delhi of yore was not like that. In fact, it had beautiful autumn and once winters used to set in, we would experience fresh mist and fog that was very different from smog. Farmers used to burn their waste crops even then! And mind you, Delhi was one of the earliest adopter of CNG and had made it mandatory for public buses to run on CNG. It also boasts of one of the most elaborate network of metro that has eased the strain on road transport. Notwithstanding population explosion, it continues to be more green than many other metropolitan cities. While we cannot fight with the nature, I am sure if IIT or some other accredited agency does a root cause analysis, something can be done.

I read somewhere that China had recently addressed this issue of smog and pollution through technology ( drones spraying water etc). This shows that if there is will there’s way. Delhi definitely deserves much better than being christened the most polluted city in the world. If we cannot be Best, we should avoid being worst at least. Wake up Government, scientists, accredited agencies and intelligentsia of this country and do something about this issue that is bringing shame to us.

4 thoughts on “Delhi’s smog

  1. It is now time that Central Govt steps in and makes a time bound action plan for ending stubble burning in Punjab, Haryana and UP


  2. Respected Sir…I love Delhi landscape and people as since childhood I used to cross it while travelling to Gurgaon or while in Delhi for many years, smog was never felt before 2000 lateron it became regular during winters.Smog has covered sheen of City and made it less attractive. Rightly said that Government with help of Scientist need to pay attention to it.


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