It’s all in the mind

There are problems galore around though it’s also the truth that 99% of them may not be touching us personally. It’s one thing to worry about these issues as an alert, law abiding and concerned citizens and another to become obsessed with these issues, paint everything gloomy and await doomsday!

Sitting here in Mumbai, it’s alright to sympathise with our brethren in Delhi for it having been declared most polluted, unliveable city in the world or be anguished at police lawyers clashes, but these have absolutely no impact on Mumbai. Similarly, Delhiites should not worry about political stalemate in Mumbai beyond a point as we have seen such political games on so many occasions in the past. Kashmir is tense but all that’s required to be done there is being done and when such large decisions are taken, one shouldn’t expect everything to be hunky dory immediately. Pakistan may be flexing its nuclear muscles, but we know India is capable of giving that nation a befitting reply. Auto sales are down, people are getting impacted by developments in certain cooperative banks, unemployment is rising, GDP growth projections look gloomy, even the best corporate like Infosys are grappling with whistleblower menace, untimely rains are playing havoc with agricultural production in certain parts of the country and the list is endless. But in a country of our size and complexity, such a scenario cannot be altogether ruled out and 1% of the population at any point of time may be affected by this or that! Instead of worrying, spreading panic and doomsaying, we should rather join hands in helping the affected people overcome the tragedy!

However, our nation will be put to litmus test when SC delivers its verdict on Ramjanmabhoomi- Babri Masjid suit. Whether Hindus and Muslims will show maturity by moving on after accepting the verdict or get panicky is something to be seen though being a hopelessly optimistic person, I think we shouldn’t be unduly worried as people of this nation seem to have risen above all this!

Let’s train our minds through meditation and yoga, keep the negativity at bay, hope for the best and enjoy this beautiful life the almighty has gifted us with to enjoy the best of this world.

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