Who’s worried ?

It’s been more than 10 days that results for Maharashtra assembly elections have been declared but BJP-Shiv Sena combine that fought elections together are unable to arrive at a consensus. It’s true that BJP performed below expectations, but so did SS and the fact is that whosoever has voted for the combine has not voted for any particular candidate or party, but this mandate has been primarily for Devendra Fadnavis, who provided a very efficient and clean administration during the past 5 years. However, this strife between two long time associates is giving the old horse Sharad Pawar to sense an opportunity to reclaim his supremacy in Maharashtra politics. Of course, the old war horse is too important and shrewd to be out of reckoning at any point of time. In fact, in spite of his years of relative hibernation, he has never really been out of news at national level at any point of time and we keep on hearing his name coming up now and then for various positions and roles.

While I am no political commentator and have no idea of the internal dynamics between the two old time allies that’s leading to the current strife, no one should forget that if the grand old party can face irrelevance after helming the nation for decades, BJP and SS are also not insulated from this. India is now quite a matured democracy and knows how to vote. At times, my feeling is that innocent public is quite intelligent and intelligent politicians seem sadly out of touch with reality unable to read public mood and preference. The current stalemate is not helping anyone. Various combinations being tried sans Fadnavis are not in compliance with the public wish.

Excessive rains have caused damage to 40% of crops in Maharashtra, after PMC Bank there’s the news of Citizen Cooperative Bank also facing problems, after the failure of Goodwin Jewellers, another Ghatkopar jeweller is absconding, Mumbai airport is about to undergo repairs for next 4 months sending flight schedules haywire and I am not talking about the national issues here including the state of economy and Kashmir. But the question is who’s worried about all this? Everyone seems to be power hungry with no appetite for grave issues!

4 thoughts on “Who’s worried ?

  1. This is hunger for power . I again repeat we are not meant for democracy. We do not realize responsibilities associated with it …


  2. Respected Sir…I like such blogs Sir, as it is not lengthier which lessen reader’s interest.With Thy Mightier Pen highlighting problems where Government has to take corrective steps make it insightful and reader is then able to closely see Politics.


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