No means No

Just ended up watching Pink, rather belatedly on TV and I now realise why the dialogue ” No means no”, which is a very simple statement , has acquired such a cult status. Of course coming from the mouth of a living cult, Big B, it assumes even greater gravity.

The spoilt brats of rich families nurturing the feudal mentality are not sensitised to the fact that a girl, in spite of her openness, her costume, her indulgence to have a few drinks and speaking a lingo that’s quite common these days, is still an individual having a distinct individuality. Her propensity to mix freely and have good time post her work/study hours should not be taken as her permission to go to any extent with her. In the matters of personal relationships, there are no licences and anything further than a casual acquaintance has to be with mutual consent.

What I particularly liked about the movie was its non-partisan approach to women across the spectrum. The movie pierced your heart when Mr Bachchan says that even if the no sayer is a professional sex worker, her no has to be respected! After all, even business also can only be done on mutually agreeable terms!

With our sisters, daughters and wives going out to have fun, the menfolk need to understand that their libertine attitude should not be construed as a licence for them to indulge in anything with these members of opposite sex! This has to be inculcated as an important element in a child’s character by families and educational institutions so that we have youth that acts and behaves respectfully and responsibly – and we shall have no incidents of molestation, road rage or public apathy!

Let this be adopted as a motto of Women’s liberation- No means no!

7 thoughts on “No means No

  1. So Rightly put sir, Despite the disturbing news of attacks on women that occur almost every single day, I believe that a conscious effort in the process of education, law and moral and social policing will bring results. It also a huge responsibility for parents like us to instill and inculcate certain values in the young at an early age, as mandatory. Our sons have to be educated and brought up to comprehend equality and rid themselves of the discriminatory attitude that many of their ilk hold.


  2. We need to educate our boys to respect women. Today also there are many families who have different set of laws for a girl and for a boy . And rest these Hindi movies should do away with dialogues like “uske na me he ha hai “. No means “no”.


  3. True Sir. The education on these topics will certainly bring change. Also, in some countries it is such an offense that the person is punished in open public which gives a Very serious message to the entire nation. While in our country law takes its own course but any new law under which the trials does not last beyond 15 days would be a welcome step towards sending the message. Still in Some families such topics are not discussed but the way schools and other educational institutions are taking steps, it will change the mindset and thereby attitude for such people.


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