Day for Hugging?

Yesterday my friend sent me a message on today being World Friends Hug Day. I was totally zapped! Do you need a day to hug and that too a friend! I am rather astonished at this Western obsession for having a designated day for something as common as a hug. I couldn’t help but search net and found the existence of such a day indeed! In our culture, a hug is one of the most dignified expression of comfort and affection and we hug our parents, elders, children and especially friends all the time. We hug each other on happy occasions in greeting and on sad occasions to solace and all our festivals- Holi, Eid etc are what without a hug?

The above has amused me no end, inspiring me to compose a few lines that read:

The entire human race is influenced

By western culture that’s indeed unique;

It has the power of making our

Traditions, practices and medicines antique!

They have claimed patents on

Everything be it alum, turmeric or vanaspati;

Our ancestors have been using them for ages

In daily food as well as home remedy!

We have been spreading message of peace & love since time immemorial

But they have introduced us to the Valentines Day

We hug each other on Holi, Eid and other festivals

But I’ve just come to know about the World Hug Day!

Keep reading and keep hugging people you care for before West patents this and you have to pay royalty for this most indigenous gesture๐Ÿ˜€

4 thoughts on “Day for Hugging?

  1. In fact they have created an entire valentine week for such gestures and the youth follows it diligently instead of expressing those feelings each day for our loved ones. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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