I am, so I can

(1) I have a luxury apartment with all the amenities, including a bath tub and massage shower. However, I choose to bath using a bucket and a mug because Mumbai lakes hold water only up to 25% of their capacity and monsoons are still good 2 months away.

(2) I have a chauffeur driven car, but looking to the chaotic peak time evening traffic, I prefer to use train and metro in the evening and in the process beat the traffic and save precious fuel.

(3) I eat on the road, but do not litter the street. I keep on stuffing the rejects either in a bag or in my pockets and dispose off the stuff in a bin.

(4) I switch off lights and fan, when not required and use AC most sparingly.

(5) I do not waste food; take little less than my appetite. Unused food is distributed to those who require- our helpers.

(6) On a day when I drive myself, I do lane driving, avoid honking and switch off the engine if the traffic has come to a halt.

(7) I strictly avoid, spitting, blowing nose or littering in public places such as railway platforms and inside the city bus.

Earlier, I used to think that what an individual can do? By not throwing one discard on the road, not spitting on the wall or using the comfort of personal chauffeur driven transport irrespective of the time taken will not make any difference as thousands and millions others will be acting contrarily! But now I am convinced that if “I am” doing certain right things, “I can” make that small difference. The target audience of this blog are already fine citizens fully aligned to the thoughts expressed in this blog and practising all, but the need is for each one of us to initiate at least one person so that this becomes a movement and we have a Bharat that is Swachch and replete with all the resources required for life sustenance- water, trees, food, fuel, clean air and above all discipline.

2 thoughts on “I am, so I can

  1. Completely agree, Sir. We have been doing such acts for quite sometime and it feels really nice when we follow these etiquettes. There are number of people who are attached to us whom we can definitely change.


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