Restricted Entry

India has entered an elite club of nations having the capability to destroy a rogue satellite using Anti Satellite Missile or ASAT Missile as its being known. So far only US, Russia and China have this capability and India has become the 4th member of this elite group. Team of scientists of ISRO working tirelessly over the last 2 years deserve compliments as also gratitude from a grateful nation. Expectedly, China has cautioned against space warfare, while Pakistan has used a very funny word – Quixotic- for this big achievement by her neighbour.

This psychology of restricting entry to any exclusive or elite club to new entrants by the existing members is greatly perplexing to me! And mind you, while there are glaring examples of this at the global level – nuclear powers oppose nuclear tests and acquisition of the technology by other countries, India’s quest for well deserved seat in UN Security Council has been opposed for ages, possessors of chemical warfare fear its possession and use by non-possessors- this psychology is not restricted to nations alone. Rich don’t want more rich for greater affluence will affect their exclusivity. Airports, foreign visits and luxury hotels were once exclusive domain of ultra rich, but with general economic prosperity, today they have to share these exclusive pleasures with masses, which they resent. Once you are in the top echelon of an organisation you don’t want others to come up and enjoy the privileges that generally are considered prerogative of the top management only.

A senior colleague once very aptly summed up this attitude of nations, rich, powerful, famous and even common individuals. He said that this attitude or psychology is representative of passengers travelling by Mumbai local. For the uninitiated, let me clarify that Mumbai local operating during peak hours is the superlative symbol of what compressed travel is all about and how boarding and de boarding a crowded train is the ultimate test of perseverance! To continue with the analogy, he explained that like one who has boarded Mumbai local doesn’t want more people to board or he will get further compressed, making him more uncomfortable as also the task of getting down that much more tedious! This selfishness of an ordinary Mumbai local traveller for a very justifiable and genuine reason gets replicated in the behaviour of all occupants of elite and exclusive clubs – Super powerful nations, Ultra rich individuals and all those who are something in the upper crust!

4 thoughts on “Restricted Entry

  1. I remember the famous quote from movie Guru wherein Abhishek Bachchan says that we have started knocking doors of rich with our feet and we will not stop until we succeed. Same is the case today with India that every country speaks high and it feels nice to be an Indian in any foreign country where we have an amazing leadership and the country which is capable of making world surprise with its achievements.


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