Lesson from Life

I am a blogger, who loves sharing his thoughts. Also, generally the tone and tenor of my blogs is simple and happy, though sometimes issues in themselves are so serious, like Pulwama, the blogs also assume an overtone filled with pathos. My previous blog on technology not keeping pace with my life was also written in lighter vein, though some of my readers found the contents slightly serious, probably due to frequent reference to after life ( portrait on the wall, Yama’s vehicle etc). However, while humour may not always be entertaining ( when it assumes the character of satire), similarly serious stuff may not always be grim and glum. Actually, some of the lasting realities of life beckon you when you sit by yourself in peace, slowing down the pace of life a bit. In one such moment, I pondered over this aspect and came across certain thoughts, which to my mind would be more appealing if put in verse rather than prose! Before I share my composition, just one caveat- I am a very ordinary poet and out of around 160 odd blogs I have written to date, I remember only two poems, of which also, one was a translation. My new poem reads:

Lessons from Life

I remember I was always chasing future,

When it all began, I don’t remember;

Ignored the present thinking of future,

In the month of January I dreamt of December.

It has been a helluva journey,

Childhood to adulthood to present day;

Travelling miles to reach some destination,

Yet I am still looking for the right way.

I yearned uncontrollably to possess it,

From a distance, it looked so enticing and beautiful;

In the race I let go off small small happinesses,

Once possessed, it hardly seemed meaningful.

Possessing material is not important,

Now it dawns on me that I’m not getting it right;

Possessing a thing is temporary virtual happiness,

It’s better to enjoy it rather than holding it tight.

Lessons learnt from life are clear,

This is a mystery complex and deep;

Need is to share, care and enjoy what you have,

Instead running for more by losing your sleep!

12 thoughts on “Lesson from Life

  1. Very true. Life’s lesson is beautifully written. We must always enjoy the present with like minded people to ensure happiness and have a full filling journey of life.

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  2. Very precisely written. While most of us in our generation realise this hard reality in our later part of life, younger generation has started implementing this in their early age proving them smarter.

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  3. Lovely thoughts! (However, enjoying instead of holding on tight is contra to banker’s idea of loans and fixed deposits!!!)


  4. So true… well said.
    Sad part is that all these things are well explained in our ancient texts like Bhagavad Geeta but only few of us open it and that too at a later age when there is no time for implementation.
    I am trying my best to bring these texts from Pooja room to drawing room which will give an insight of life before one runs out of fuel.


  5. Sir, we always love your blogs due to the deep thought process which anyone can sense while reading and it always has something good to take away. Sharing is always caring and who practices it better than you. But Yes Sir that’s the only thing which matters Share, Care and Enjoy.


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