Technology- Ahead or Behind

We always say and hear that technology is advancing very fast. Man has reached the moon and is now preparing to conquer newer frontiers in outer space. Great strides have been made in the field of communication that have brought the world closer. Newer breakthroughs are being made almost regularly in the field of medicine. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are expected to make a very deep impact on the way we work, think and live. Technology seems to be unravelling deeper mysteries that have beholden mankind for very long time.

However, I give a different perspective of all this. Let’s examine the following facts:

(1) In next 2 to 3 years, using AI and Robotics, we are going to get newer and hitherto unthought of perspectives. In my field, this technology will enable me to handle several time larger volumes with several time lesser manpower, untiringly 24*7, in a fully compliant manner and by preempting all money laundering and illegal payments. However, I am retiring in next 3 years.

(2) Elon Musk’s Tesla is producing driverless e cars. I don’t think India is anywhere near to adopting either – e car or driverless option. I am still on the geared version of a petrol guzzler driven by an old faithful driver. Don’t hope to experience either – definitely not the driverless car- in my lifetime.

(3) Amazon and Tesla are preparing to take mankind for space travel. I am told several celebrities have already pre- fixed their dates with these companies. Considering the wait period and the likely cost, for me space travel will probably be posthumous, with Lord Yama taking me there in his legendary vehicle!

(4) There is progress relating to development of aircrafts that will be several times faster than the current jets, cutting travel time to a fraction of what it is today! Today for travelling to Johannesburg to visit my daughter’s family, I change over flight at midway destination and take almost 14 hours to reach there. Half of my leave time goes in travel and overcoming travel fatigue!

(5) Lastly, while conception of life has already been made possible through in vitro fertilisation, pluripotent, the body’s master cells that are self – replicating and can potentially give rise to any cell or tissue that the body needs to repair itself have already been isolated in a laboratory about 20 years ago. Shortly, one can see explosive growth of application of stem cell technology in real life scenario. I read in a science journal that by 2050, it should be possible to create life in a laboratory without any parent contributing any sperm or ovum and repair of ageing cells by replacing them with new healthy cells may eventually lead to the mankind conquering death. Alas, 2050 is so far off that my portrait may be adorning a wall rather than me in person burdening the Mother Earth!

For me technology is all about academic excitement that’s developing too slowly to be of any direct benefit to me.

2 thoughts on “Technology- Ahead or Behind

  1. There are multiple views on technology, always. However, the key still remains in adoption and using it to better the ultimate experienced for target audience. There are multiple Hollywood movies which has showcased how the future will be and the imagination of world which seems impossible today. But, in the entire race humans are always indispensable and feelings still scores high when it comes to adoption.


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