Krishna Das of Juhu Circle

Everyday, standing in a corner of super busy Juhu circle, a frail short person dressed in dhoti and kurta can be seen holding a placard that reads, ” Apne dharam pe chalo; sabse prem karo “, which can be translated as, “Follow your religion, love everyone.” He is neither a beggar, nor a preacher, but a selfless proponent of peace expecting nothing, but brotherhood.

Having stayed in Juhu for more than half a decade, Krishna Das was no stranger as we often came across him. However, our preoccupation with work and busy daily Mumbai life never allowed us to engage with the person.

His reference got refreshed today, when en route office while hearing FM, the jockey made a mention of him. The man, who can always be seen standing quietly with his placard, speaks so well, as I heard him on radio. When asked about dharma or religion by RJ, he gave an amazing explanation. He said, ” Religion is not Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christianity, Zoroastrian or Jew. These are artificial man made societal divisions. Religion is endless, continuous, immeasurable, vast, indivisible, indiscriminate like sky, earth or ocean. These natural elements have no beginning or end; they give their benefit or virtuosity to all humans irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.”

However, what he said lastly compelled me to ponder over and think differently. He said, “Religion is Sanatan or self created (God’s creation), like earth, sea or sky as no one knows how and when it came into existence.” I now know why our religion was always known as Sanatan Dharma, indicating an all encompassing, non discriminatory, auto created, in existence since time immemorial , the purest form of Hinduism. The message he conveys from his placard is that you love your religion, which is humanity, because only then can you love other human beings.

8 thoughts on “Krishna Das of Juhu Circle

  1. Hat’s off to this true man.. who selflessly preaches brotherhood and humanity. And right said until you love humanity how can you practice religion


  2. Humanity – वैशवन जन तो तैने कहीऐ जो पीर पराई जाने रे।


  3. They say Humanity is the Biggest and Best religion. This man seems to have understood it correctly and at the same time must have observed how world, at times, is getting divided on the basis of religion. God bless him who follows Love All Serve All. We can always preach and practice to have a High Moral and Be kind to everyone.


  4. Respected Sir, By telling tale of Shri Krishan Das Your Goodself when pen it , Yourself also fetch attention to the point which Most of Indians understand but donot stay and strongly adopt this fundamental thought. May be change of Yug (times)made people just self centered or hate on base of caste and religion however till People like Krishan Das are alive and work towards humanity, evil thoughts are subdued. May Your writing on subject make change among us or through us.


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