Maghi Ganesh

The fourth day of the month of Magha in Hindu calendar is celebrated as Ganesh Jayanti or more precisely Maghi Ganesh Jayanti. This festival is celebrated with special gaiety in the states of Maharashtra and Goa.

When in Mumbai, you can hardly remain unaffected by Siddhivinayak temple and if you’re a regular visitor there, you very well know the significance of the Maghi Ganesh Jayanti. When the first born to my daughter, Grahish Arjun, came into this world during Maghi Ganesh Jayanti festival period, our joy knew no bound and we started calling him (still call him and probably forever call him) Maghi Ganesh. We took it as Lord’s blessings to our family. My wife being a very special devotee to the Lord felt even more ecstatic.

When our daughter informed us about her second pregnancy, we were a bit worried that how would she manage two small babies separated by only 2 years. Little did we realise that second baby would also be destined to take birth during Maghi Ganesh Jayanti festival period. When we got the news of the baby’s birth today, we once again felt blessed at the bounties of the Lord on our family. As our son in law put it very aptly – both their babies are blessed babies.

Happy Maghi Ganesh Jayanti and fulfilment of all wishes of having a complete family to our daughter and her husband!

6 thoughts on “Maghi Ganesh

  1. Respected Sir, Heartfelt Complements and I also agree to school of thought on birth on auspicious day or in month. It is ecstatic that both are born in Magh month which a pious and special month of Hindu Calender. Blessings in this form are indications of Good fortunes and make us believe more in Dharma Karma.Many more complements!


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