Happy new year 2

2018 is gone and 2019 has arrived. Is it just change in calendar date or is there anything special about this transition from 31st December to 1st January? Actually it’s just not a simple transition but an important change! It’s time to take fresh perspective of life, the learning from the year gone by, the unfinished agenda of things that we have always wanted to pursue, the habits that we want to overcome, the virtues that we want to adopt etc! This also happens because with the change of year, all numbers concerning one’s life change – suddenly you are an year older, one year closer to superannuation, one year more of your married life, one year closer to your end age….! All this can be summed in few lines as below:

Life is too short

And there’s so much to be done;

One more year has gone

But a mint fresh one has come.

I may be older and a tad fatter

But certainly I possess more wisdom.

But unless I use this wisdom

To better something in today’s state

It will just be one more year gone by

With nothing written on a clean slate!!

This is dedicated to my old friend and a close blog follower because inspiration for this second bling on new year has come from him.

3 thoughts on “Happy new year 2

  1. Very true Sir. It’s a pause which we take to understand the year which has passed and to reflect, learn and unlearn things so as to start the fresh New Year with more zeal, vigor and dedication. Happy New Year, Sir..🙏🏻🙏🏻


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