Kadar Khan – RIP

On 31st December, not only the year 2018 ended, but along with it ended the life of one of the icons of Hindi Cinema, Kadar Khan (KK). A writer par excellence and a versatile actor, who could essay virtually any role, Kadar Khan breathed his last in Canada, where his son stays. Alas, the maverick actor would be buried there itself and India will be bereft of his last rites too.

A late starter in Hindi movies, Kadar Khan studied engineering and was a teacher. However, he would participate in college dramatics as an amateur actor. Newspapers inform us that Manmohan Desai invited him to complete the dialogues of his film Roti. As far as my memory goes, Kadar Khan was first seen in an important character role in Sanjeev Kumar- Shashi Kapoor starrer Mukti. With his uncommon rugged features and deep tenor voice, KK made an immediate impression. What followed Mukti and Roti were a series of movies which he wrote or acted in. A report says he wrote close to 100 movies and acted in around 400. In his hey days, producers would wait for their turn for KK to pen story, screenplay or dialogues for them. From mid 70s till late 80s, KK ruled the roost. From villainy to comedy, the man could do everything seamlessly. His teaming up with Govinda and Shakti Kapoor provided cinegoers some light relief when gory violence was the order of the day.

Towards later part of his life, KK had become a recluse and had taken to religious teaching. His health also become circumspect. And like all good things, his life also came to an end. Rare are the men of such versatility and talent, who create a special niche for themselves on their own strength.

Rest in peace KK!

2 thoughts on “Kadar Khan – RIP

    1. Thanks Bharti for providing facts right. I just wrote an extemporaneous obituary to the great man and not checked the facts with Wikipedia as a blog like this is written best when emotions run high! Trust you connected with it!


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