Happy New Year

The time has come once again for us to bid adieu to an year coming to an end and welcome a mint fresh new year. For some it’s only change in calendar date, an occasion to celebrate and rejoice for some and making a firm resolution to make a fresh beginning for some. To each his own as no one can be really faulted. For many of us, 31st December is a busy quarter end warranting late sitting in office and preparing to go to work on the next day viz. 1st of January. Thus, for all such workaholics, it’s mere change in calendar date. Some of us need an excuse to party, howsoever flimsy that excuse may be! For all such people, welcoming a new year is much better than a flimsy excuse and hence partying into wee hours of the morning is a great option for them. A few of us take our lives very seriously and hence this is an occasion to reflect upon the year gone by and plan for the new year by making some firm resolutions. My experience is that most of these resolutions are thrown to winds in the very few days of the start of the new year.

Like each year, at this juncture 2019 looks to hold exciting possibilities. We expect more powerful India, strong Sensex, good monsoon, Cheaper petrol, metro rail network in major cities, general elections leading to stability of the country, cricket World Cup, stronger rupee, big Bollywood hits, celebrity gossips and what not!

Whichever category we may belong to (sleeping through the new year, celebrating or passing resolution types) and whatever be our big bets , let’s leave the baggage of burden on our minds, conscious and heart behind and nurture hopes, dreams and aspirations for a better 2019 on all counts!

Happy new year 2019 to all!

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. 2019 arrived, pregnant with lots of ‘dreams come true’ moments for all.
    It’s time when the year is reborn to grow in 365 days till another new dawn comes forth.
    Your New Year blog is lively and full of optimism for all.


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