Festive season and Covid

Does Corona virus have a fascination for festivals? As we approach the festival season comprising Christmas and New Year, Covid has raised its ugly head once again and is reportedly causing havoc in China. It’s also spreading rapidly in a few other countries, more particularly US. Indian Government has already issued advisory regarding wearing of masks in crowded places!

Like I did for Diwali, I was planning to celebrate this festive season also with a series of feel good blogs, but this news of COVID spreading thick and fast and new Covid mutant strain BF-7 having already reached India has dampened my spirits a wee bit. I hope the joy of Christmas, prayers offered during the Christmas masses and anticipation of a happier, more prosperous new year, will reignite my sagging spirits and that of my fellow citizens too !

Santas are greeting children with sackful of goodies,

Laden are Christmas tress too with them and spreading light;

Let Covid not dampen the spirit of this festive season,

Let’s mask up, wash hands, stay safe and be ready for another fight!

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