Messi, the GOAT

FIFA World Cup 2022 came to a thrilling end with a cracker of the final match between Argentina and France. The match had so many swings and so much uncertainty that it almost looked like a suspense thriller.

The first half belonged to Argentina and they virtually toyed with the French outfit, scoring two goals in the process. Second half witnessed a transformed France team that played with a lot more purpose. Of course, Argentina’s change of strategy from all out attack to part defence also contributed to French revival and they equalised the score.

Extra time continued to witness a thrilling game of soccer with both the teams scoring one goal each, leading to penalties.

Rest, as they say, was the history with Argentinian goal keeper stopping two penalties and Argentina winning their third World Cup.

Of course, it was a fitting tribute to the Greatest of All Time ( GOAT), Lionel Messi, who was magical and inspiration for the entire team. This could be his last World Cup as he’d be close to 40 by the time next tournament happens, too old an age for the modern game of soccer that requires lightning speed and supreme fitness. But Messi couldn’t have dreamt of a better swan song World Cup. In the process, he set so many personal records that would be difficult to be surpassed anytime too soon.

The blog will be incomplete without the mention of GOAT in the making Mbappe, who played mesmerising football and with his never say dying spirit, almost spoilt Argentina’s and Messi’s party! Hopefully, we shall see more of him in club games and future World Cup games.

And Qatar, a tiny country of 2.7 million people, has emerged as a world power given its organisational ability and very high standards of sporting facilities and that too without compromising on Islamic requirements.

It was a festival lasting a month and there’s going to be a long wait of 4 years till the next edition. But FIFA 2022 will remain etched in the memories of football lovers for a phenomenon named Messi!

Let’s salute this GOAT!

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  1. Beautifully crafted….. Very well narrated the Comprehensive Details of World Cup Finals… And about Master craftsman Messi and New Soccer⚽ sensation MBAPPE.

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