World is changing

Ukraine is putting up a brave resistance against the mighty Russian military power. When the entire world seems to be in recession and facing unprecedented inflation, India, which has already become 5th largest economy in the world, is comparatively much stabler and safer. We witnessed some super display in T20 world cup tournament concluded recently by minnows like Afghanistan and Ireland. And look what’s happening in World Cup soccer! Mighty Germany, the pre tournament favourites, is already knocked out, not being able to make it to quarter finals,; ditto Belgium, another soccer powerhouse. In fact, the balance seems to be shifting from South America and Europe to Africa and Asia. What high quality football is being played by Asian powers – Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and African nations – Morocco and Senegal!

What the above shows is that the world is changing and there are no clear winners in any field – politics, trade, sports, arms, development etc. in fact, everything is in grey zone and there’s no clear black or white! In such a rapidly changing world, nobody can afford to remain smug or complacent but make continuous efforts . The learning is that whether it’s a nation, city or any individual – all need to keep on evolving and improving as only the best will succeed in the long run!

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