Yahi hai zindagi

In the year 1977, a Hindi movie attracted the attention of cinema lovers due to its unique content. The main protagonist, Sanjeev Kumar, had sakshatkar (realisation in person) of Lord Krishna and the movie had some very interesting conversations between the lord and his subject. While Sanjeev Kumar had already established himself as a thespian by then, cinema goers, in particular, loved this slim, soft spoken actor, who essayed the role of Lord Krishna, with the perpetual look of divinity on his face. He was none other than Vikram Gokhale,

As per newspapers, his first Hindi movie was Parwana, a thriller starring Amitabh in his early days. And he continued his long innings in Hindi as well as Marathi cinema by playing number of characters, all with aplomb and conviction. He was also associated with Marathi theatre.

He breathed his last in Pune on Friday, but he’d be remembered by cinema lovers for his contribution that was varied and significant.

Rest in peace Vikram Gokhale.

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