Happy 80th birthday Amitabh

He was awkwardly tall and lanky and his slim figure only added to his awkwardness. He had a deep bass, but probably the audience hadn’t heard a voice like him before, so he had to struggle for acceptability. While the trio of Dilip, Raj, Dev and the next set comprising Rajendra Kumar, Dharmendra, Sunil Dutt, Shammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor were dominating the scenario, a new phenomenon called Rajesh Khanna had stolen the heart of the youth, becoming the nation’s first superstar. Under such circumstances, Amitabh had to struggle and struggle hard and then with a combination of hard work, talent and luck, Zanjeer happened and a young angry man, the new superstar was born, who was destined to rule like no one before him. And after more than 5 decades of almost unhindered reign, the megastar, who turns 80, continues to be the busiest and the most visible star. He’s hosting the umpteenth season of KBC, emerging as the most popular and the strongest brand ambassador, virtually selling everything and has filmmakers especially writing roles for him.

And he has led no ordinary life. His unconventional looks were accepted after a long struggle, he changed the texture of Hindi movies from romanticism to high action and he defeated death. After the unfortunate accident on the sets of Coolie, the superstar fought with death for months together with his millions of fans praying for his recovery. In fact, for a few seconds, death seemed to have won ; but he fought back with indefatigable spirit – the one he demonstrated in his umpteen movies while fighting the fiendish evils.

Naming his movies is not important for the collage of his work will make him immortal, the Mahanayak of the century ! And was he free from controversies is a topic that we should not allow to spoil the happiness of the occasion. Let’s just wish the Mahanayak a happy 80th birthday and a long and healthy life so that he continues to do what he does best – entertain millions of his fans with his all round work!

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