Economics Is a very complex subject

Is the current state of the Indian economy good, mediocre or bad? Why are the policy rates being upwardly revised repeatedly? Has the entire benefit being passed on to the Bank’s depositors by banks? Has savings momentum increased perceptibly as reflected in fortnightly aggregate bank deposits number? Isn’t increase in policy rates, passed on by banks to their borrowers, significantly increasing the cost of credit and hence overall input cost contributing to price increase and inflation? Is rupee depreciation in relation to dollar good for Indian economy or not? Why is there current account deficit? When a common man can’t, how can governments spend more than what they earn? If GST and tax collections are so robust, why the same is not reflected in macro indicators? Is the cost of administration ( includes governance also) becoming prohibitively expensive and eating into developmental outlays? Has the monsoons been good and sowing  targets achieved? Is the food security cause for concern and if not, why export of certain specific items is banned? 

I wished I comprehended this subject called economics in it’s true perspective! I request the subject matter experts to pool in their expertise for some simple solutions to some of the questions raised above instead of giving individualistic opinions that only add to the prevailing chaos! 

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