King Khan in LAX

Los Angeles Times Crossword ( LAX) that’s reproduced in Times of India, albeit with some lag, is something that I look forward to every morning. While most of the days, I am able to solve the grid largely ( 80-90%), I generally get stuck up in the quiz part of the crossword. Clues relating to famous personalities ( actors, directors, judges, parliamentarians etc having American context) are my bane as in the absence of regular follow up of US media, solving these clues is quite impossible.

We do have clues relating to Indian subcontinent that are mostly connected with our gods, yoga, dress or languages, but seldom have I seen an India related personality appearing as a clue apart from an occasional Nehru and Gandhi.

Therefore, I was delightfully surprised when today’s grid had a clue relating to an Indian icon, the answer bring Shahrukh Khan. King Khan, one of the most beloved Bollywood stars, who’s been conquering one frontier after another and who has reached the zenith of another frontier, where very few Indians and no Bollywood actor has reached – LAX crossword.

Congratulations King Khan! While you continue to delight millions of fans with your movies, today you have gladdened the hearts of if not millions, at least thousands of crossword lovers like me!

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