I love my India

On the whole, an average Indian is peace loving, progressive, tolerant, hopeful and generally trying to seek happiness. If I may, in brief, sum up the current concerns of Indians, these would be:

(1) Inflation is taking its toll on the budgets of middle class households.

(2) Repeated recurrence of Covid worries them no end.

(3) Further likely damage due to seemingly endless Russia-Ukraine war gives them jitters.

(4) Onset of monsoon brings hope but the adverse impact that a deficient monsoon can cause to Indian economy causes shivers.

(5) Resurgence of terrorism in Kashmir and the first signs of reemergence of Khalistan movement in Punjab sadden them.

(6) Increase in incidents of rape, molestation, rioting, accidents causes them deep angst.

(7) And them there are of course, perpetual concerns around AQI of the air we breathe, global warming, population explosion, likely shortage of water and electricity, congestion on the roads, jobs etc.

However, if you open newspapers or watch news channels, the content is not aligned to the general concerns of an average Indian but is replete with issues around religion and acerbic and polarised views of those participating in loud and ungracious debates, as if this is the only agenda for the nation. We have lived in harmony for centuries and should continue with the same spirit for all times to come to take our great country to a level, at which the dreams of all Indians get fulfilled!

Jai Hind !

2 thoughts on “I love my India

  1. Sir,Good morning and thanks for voicing the deep concern laks of Bharat Wasiis are feeling these days.Apart from all other factors leading to disruption in general life, Religion which is meant for mental peace and harmony with one’s environment ,has become a tool for disharmony,discontent and disconnect.Hope soon we all realise the falacy of all this.Sooner the better.


    1. I want to write more openly but I am still reserving my words as intolerance is running quite high and being a peace lover, I want to avoid needless trouble. Thanks fir your encouragement


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