Power couples

There are power coupled in all the fields – business, politics, social work etc, but those in showbiz attract maximum attention. In the past, we had Beatles star Lennon and his wife Yoko, US President Obama and First Lady Michelle , tennis champions Steffi Graf and Andrei Agassi and Amazon chief Bezos and his divorced wife Mackenzie. Closer home, we had Rajiv and Sonia and Benazir and Asif Zardari. However, the names that readily come to mind at the very mention of Power couples are the Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities- Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt and Angelina, Sunil Dutt and Nargis, Rajesh Dimple, Amitabh Jaya, Rishi Neetu, Abhishek Aishwarya, Ranveer Deepika and of course the newest couple on the block Vicky and Katrina.

Katrina, considered very close to Salman and his protege, is amongst the top paid female stars that made her most eligible. She dated Bollywood hearthstone Ranbir Kapoor, before two of them called quits. Her marriage with a relative newbie, Vicky, is very surprising to say the least. The rumour mills were busy spreading their story in the recent past, but the affair culminating into a formal marriage was quick and astonishing. Also, the event happened with all its opulence and grandeur and there was a veil of secrecy around the entire proceedings. Pictures of the wedding are being released one by one in instalments, keeping the interest and curiosity alive. There are posts doing rounds on the website regarding the gifts comprising Lamborghini ( by Akshay), Land Rover ( Salman), Mini Cooper ( Aamir), Diamond ring ( Vicky to Katrina) etc. Everything associated with the marriage seems to be big, grand and expensive.

The crux, however, is the longevity of such marriages. Many celebrity marriages come to an early and bitter end due to irreconcilable differences. Vicky and Katrina appear to be sensible individuals who apart from loving each other, also seemed to have understood each other well. Let’s wish them a happy and long married life and great stint in Bollywood.

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  1. Comprehensive details of celebrity couples very well pened down by the blogger. It is a delight to read. Keep pouring your delectable blogs ,we love and admire


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