Three mantras to make life easy

Came across a beautiful post forwarded to me by my friend and inspirational leader Mr Sunil Babbar. Here the speaker, apparently addressing a group of students that are passing out of their institution, is giving a very valuable advice. He says that it’s not easy to live this life – one has to make it easy. How? His mantra is that we can do so by being patient for a few things ( sabra सब्र), tolerating( bardasht बर्दाश्त) a few others and ignoring ( nazarandaaz) very many! He further goes on to say that if we live by the principle of “My way is highway” then we are bereft of all the above three necessary virtues for making our lives easy. He advises humility to be inculcated by all of us, as nothing is more important than being humble.

I think through his aforesaid advice, the speaker has hit the nail on the head. The cause of distress and strife in our lives is our impatience – about possessing material goods, raising standard of living, earning more money, elevating our professional and social status- intolerance – about the well being and progress of others, especially rivals and neighbours, religious beliefs and practices of others, eating habits of others – and ability to ignore – malpractices by others to make a quick buck, provocation at half baked unverified facts etc.

If at all we have to be impatient , let’s be impatient at the slow rate of growth and development around us, let’s be intolerant of communalism, casteism and other social malaise such as gender discrimination, dowry, Eve teasing and let’s not ignore global warming and social tensions.

Why to worry about things not in our control?

Instead why not conserve natural resources such as petrol?

Why be in a hurry to possess everything in life?

Keep on making efforts and everything can be yours in time!

Why be intolerant of what others eat?

As long as we are getting our own rice and wheat!

And why earning by shortchanging the system by others should lure us!

It’s in our own interested to ignore such acts without a fuss!

Being patient, tolerant and ignorant about the useless things can make life easy

There are many frontiers to be captured in short span so don’t be queasy !

6 thoughts on “Three mantras to make life easy

  1. Beautifully explained the vital parameters of actual life. Although I forwarded the said video to the Blogger but he comprehensively put forth much more than what was their in the video exceptionally . He deserves all the appreactions and accolades for bringing out such a wonderful blog.


  2. Such a beautiful and inspiring thought, Sir. Lekin sabr, bardasht aur nazarandaaz kabhi kabhi bahot mushkil hota hai. Not so easy to practice. But we must try.


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