The essence of Dussehra

A coin has two sides
Heads and tails
If one side wins
Other fails!

For every Dr Jekyll
There’s Mr Hyde
If one represents virtue
Other personifies vice

Ravana had ten heads
As he had mastered 6 shastras and 4 vedas
Other representation is the 10 emotions*
That made him demon killed by a Deva!

Aren’t we all too victims of these 10 emotions
But only Burning effigy of Ravana is deemed fit
Extermination of these emotions from our persona
Will be real Dussehra in its true spirit !

  • Ten emotions are:

Kaam (lust)
Krodha (anger)
Moha (delusion)
Lobha (greed)
Mada (pride)
Maatsarya (envy)
Manas (the mind)
Buddhi (intellect)
Chitta (will), and
Ahamkara (ego)

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