Nine days of festivity and celebrations- Navratri

In childhood in Delhi we loved Ramlila
Wrapped in a shawl to ward off cold
Hot and Roasted peanuts in hand
It was fun though same story got retold

Part of youth spent in Kolkata
Exposed us to pandal hopping
Ma Durga’s glory was fascinating
Life had a great fun as a topping

Mumbai’s Navratri had altogether different flavour
Colourfully dressed people dancing to the tune
The festivity oozed everywhere
And the life seemed to be one big boon!

Festivity is not exclusive to three metros
India is one big country
Other places across the length and breadth
Celebrate Navratri with same zeal & pageantry

And Covid is also not restricted to three metros
It has gripped the entire world and spared none
Festivals are in our spirit and God in our heart
Let’s stay alert till this Covid is undone

Happy Navratri

8 thoughts on “Nine days of festivity and celebrations- Navratri

  1. Going down the memory …. Nicely depicted festivities that heralds the beginning with incoming of Navratris…. Happy Navratris


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