Keep it tight folks

Our battle with Corona virus continues. As the nation and our Mumbai prepare a careful opening up after recession of the second wave, there are disturbing trends of number of daily cases going up! And mind you this development is worrisome reckoning the 80% of the city and around 50% of the country population have received at least one dose of vaccination

Economy seems to be reviving. Business is flourishing in meeting the pent up demand. Festivals are adding to the positivity and optimism of the pre Covid normal times. But if our carelessness and casualness become the cause of the third wave, it will be most unfortunate as no one – citizenry, businesses, economy, health infrastructure, education- can afford third wave and another round of lockdown!

Wearing mask below the nose or worse below the mouth is like wearing mask for Police to avoid fines and not not for our and our fellow citizens’ protection. Partying hard and in large hordes like there’s no tomorrow can actually result in no tomorrow for us! Going on shopping and travel sprees is understandable, but not without proper protocols. And can the mass protests, yatras, festive gatherings and other such occasions that are resulting in crowding be avoided for some more time?

I am myself preparing to travel overseas. Though fully vaccinated, I am not going to lower my guard even for a minute even if it entails continuous masking for 17 hours of journey/transit! I am not a preacher but for a change all of us will have to become one – leading a change that defeats Covid!

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