September has come

In the matter of emotions and nostalgia, global warming should not play a spoilsport. We have always learnt and been told that our country is unique in the sense that it has been blessed with all the four seasons – summer, autumn, winter and spring and many of us have experienced the fine nuances associated with each season in our lifetimes. Even coastal cities like Chennai and Mumbai that have equitable weather round the year due to their proximity to the ocean , experience these 4 seasons even if briefly. Global warming has indeed change the seasonal patterns, with shorter and more severe summers and winters and virtually non existent spring or autumn due to sudden transition from cold to hot and vice versa, but as aforesaid, nostalgia and memories are not slave to scientific explanations or unsavoury realities.

As it’s a matter of heart and emotions, September will continue to herald end of fiery summer and onset of autumn and on first September, the immortal tune of “ Come September” will continue to uplift the mood and spirits. It’s about celebrating world’s ( and our) resilience and never say die spirit in the face of worst of all problems – Covid, terrorism, communalism, natural disasters, poverty, starvation, unrest etc.

As I wrote earlier also that “ Come September” is just a melody with no words and I am no lyricist to fit rhyming words into the meter of this melody, but I have just attempted two stanzas and my request to all my readers is to try to sing these words to the tune of immortal melody to fend off all negativity and worries.

Come September

Let’s spread happiness and kill the gloom

In this world, our beautiful world – Repeat

There will be problems galore

And disasters and furore

But we can overall all this with aplomb

Our beautiful world

No two days are alike

And a new bright day after each night

Let’s live each day with dreams in our eyes

Our beautiful world.

I am a very bad singer, but I attempted to check whether these words indeed fit into the Come September tune and meter and though I don’t have the guts to share the video publicly, I can forward it on WhatsApp id of my readers requesting this piece of junk at their own peril 😀

2 thoughts on “September has come

  1. Isn’t it a wonder that a tune has become immortal and surfaces everytime September comes around!

    The romantic comedy film of the sixties, starring the a brazen Rock Hudson and titillating Gina Lollobrigida, has indeed transcended years to be still alive even with the turn of the century.

    Yes, sure, would love to see YOUR video (understood, at my peril) !!!


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