Passion and profession

My readers would recall a blog written a few days ago regarding a big shift in my life from being a student to a bank employee. My memories were evoked by a story by PG Wodehouse in which the protagonist, an avid and talented cricket player, having a distinct chance of upgrading to county cricket and from there to England’s test cricket team, has to dump his dreams due to family circumstances and has to pick up a mundane bank job.

While a part of the story that resonated with my story ( though I was hardly a talented sportsperson or a scholar) touched the chords of my heart, the story of the protagonist does not end here. He works hard and sincerely in the Bank, but his heart is simply not there. Once cold and dark English winters pave way for warm and sunny spring, he feels suffocated inside the bank building and wants to be in the cricket field.

The story ends on a happy note. The protagonist is helped by his affluent friend to pursue further studies in university and try his luck with higher form of cricket and is thus liberated from the depressing and and suffocating atmosphere to pursue his interest.

The aforesaid story, which is full of interesting twists and turns, will resonate with many of us as we may not be in a profession or doing a job in which our heart lies. Especially those with interests in fine arts such as music, poetry or painting face greater hurdles in making their passion their profession too!

The current pandemic has forced many of us to think about our hobbies, interests and passions and to pursue them as stress busters if not source of income. Many of us are helping our partners in household chores ( cooking, washing etc) willingly and with enjoyment. We are also able to catch up on reading, exercising and meditating.

The pandemic may be once in life time tragedy for many of us, but there’s a learning that needs to be realised and imbibed.

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